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When it comes to level design environments or even the beauty of the level, nothing helps improve ones skill more than practice. Constantly creating new scenes  sharpens ones skillset.  Challenges allow me, as a level designer, to improve upon the aesthetic aspect of a level and speed of creation. Each exercise forces me to create a different environment,  giving myself one day to complete each design.  This improves the speed of the procedure used to create each design, and increases familiarity with the editor's layout.  In each of these scenes, I not only utilize Unreal Editor 4, but I also use Photoshop to touch up and even create my own textures.  Also, with the creation of these scenes, I construct my own background mountain ranges, utilizing World Machine with full slope and height map creation, as well as Flow maps imported to UE 4.  This helps to increase efficiency when utilizing many different programs at one time.  The goal is to create visually stunning environments that can be used in any AAA title with little to no performance hit whatsoever.