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US: 1-812-577-0883
As a young man of the 80's, I was raised on an Atari 2600 that I played many hours of Space Invaders, Boxing, Combat, and Pong with my family. Moving forward, I mainly lived on Nintendo and Super NES, but had over 19 consoles spanning through the early 90's. It wasn't till 1997 that I first got my hands on a computer and became obsessed with the games it produced. As a new PC gamer, games like Rainbow Six, Hidden and Dangerous, Unreal Tournament, Doom, Wolfenstein, and Delta Force to name a few, became the staple that sealed the deal on designing levels in a multiplayer environment. After messing with the NILE Editor and Rainbow Six modding, I came upon the Unreal Editor via the original Unreal game. I never looked back after that and have been an avid user of the Unreal Editor since 1999. I have also used many other editors such as GECK, Aurora Toolset, Hammer Editor, etc. just to name a few.

My goal has always been to create both symmetrical and asymmetrical level designs based on the environment and game space needed to create balanced and fun level designs and layouts. These key elements can make or break a level design in seconds and need to be at the forefront of every design from the early stages. Multiplayer has always been my first love when creating levels due to my extensive time using Unreal Ed in all iterations. It has also allowed me to be stellar at designing single player levels without issue, due to ease of use with the editors along the way.

Starting in late 2011, I helped in the creation of designing levels in Aliens Colonial Marines for Timegate Studios. I loved every minute of the environment and the fellowship among the other designers within the studio. Being able to express myself through my designs for an actual shipped title was such a great achievement.

Things I like to do to pass the time, when not working on level designs or my current job, are Bodybuilding to clear my mind, playing guitar, hanging with my family, and most obvious would be my great passion for gaming.