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The Journey Begins!

by DanaWilloughby on 05/21/18

      Today starts the first day that I post a new game I am currently developing, solo, in my spare time.  In between my current job, family, and gaming habit, I felt I had learned enough about Blueprint, coupled with my skills for all other aspects of game design to tackle my first game!   This journey was a long time coming and came with a lot of self-doubt, fear, obstacles, and joyous occasions when I finally overcame issues that arose on a daily basis.

     Without a doubt, I have been busy working on this game over the past six months, adding to, changing, reiterating, and gutting systems that did not work or perfecting those that did.  By far, I am not a great programmer, but my designs will prop that up until I can overcome bigger challenges, especially when it comes to AI utilizing Behavior Trees and the like.  So far, I am pleased with how far I have come, and even though I know I will have more headaches ahead, I always come out on top and overcome these issues.  I hope that by posting about my daily or weekly obstacles, others may see that it isn't out of reach for them as well!

     In conclusion for my first post,  my goal is to eventually hire a small team to help me make this vision turn into reality.  I need funding, and I will have a donate button for those who wish to help out, or have more money than they know what to do with!  Make no mistake though,  at this point,  I am starting small because it is only me, I have so much I want to accomplish with this game, and if I can get enough interest or traction, I will do more with the features of the game to make them more robust.  First and foremost, this game is not to be intended to be anything more than it is.  I am creating this game for me and what I want from a game.  If this is in line with what you may want as well, then support me with sharing the news about this game or donating.  If it is not, no sweat, you have plenty of other games to play on the market which is good for you!  So without further delay, the journey begins!