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US: 1-812-577-0883
Qualifications and Skills

  •  Multiplayer level design, emphasizing balance through nonlinear approaches
  •  Creation of single player story driven environments
  •  BSP block out
  •  Texture and static mesh placement
  •  Particle effects and Lighting
  •  Gameplay scripting (Kismet and Blueprint)
  •  Level and player flow planning
  •  Work well under deadlines, well organized
  •  Excellent communication, both verbal and written 


  •  UnrealEd/UE2/UE3/UE4
  •  Kismet/Blueprint
  •  G.E.C.K. Editor
  •  Dying Light Editor
  •  Company of Heroes World Builder
  •  StarCraft World Builder
  •  Nile Editor
  •  3D Studio Max
  •  Maya 3D Software
  •  World Machine
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Corel Painter 
  •  Aurora Toolset
  •  Microsoft Office
  •  Perforce
  •  Trello
  •  ID Tech 6

Professional Experience
Sparta Games, Boone, NC September 2015-Present
Working Title: Kingdoms Reign
(Mobile project)
  •  Designed 16 side-scrolling levels, with variety of environments
  •  Created Blueprints for city variations for character races and game resources
  •  Performance testing and alterations for all levels
  •  Utilized World Machine to create terrain for all 16 levels and top view campaign world 
  •  Tasked with all lighting, decals, static mesh placement, sounds for environments
  •  Created special weapon resource temples, both attacking and defending blueprint cities, and camps for battle viewer

Timegate, Sugarland, TX 2011-2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines
  •  Created single player test levels used to refine gameplay mechanics and interaction between AI
  •  Tasked with troubleshooting bugs in scripted sequences
  •  Created level layouts of AI interaction through detailed volume placement, Kismet sequence creation, and AI pathing iterations
  •  Added all AI pathing nodes, lighting volumes, and rapid level changes on the fly

Dana Willoughby Contracting, Greendale, IN 1998-Present
  •  Manage a roofing and construction company, providing estimates, materials, labor

Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Design, December 2008
Focus in Level Design 
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Level Designer